It's day 40 of becoming the guardian of this sourdough culture.

Don't mind the delicious matcha pudding that accidentally got in the shot.

Sourdough yeast is one of the few examples of recursion in nature, and I'm blessed to have such a healthy culture. It was worth it to write all of those recursion functions in Programming 1!! Now I'm great at taking a small piece of yeast and mixing it with flour every 10 days!

Anyways lets desecrate a pillar of Chinese cuisine and make baozi with this bacteria.

I used this recipe for the filling. Also it says to make the dough more watery than another type of steamed dough so I took that into account.

Oh btw I'm making this on a tight deadline. I gotta leave for work at 7 and it's six already. Though don't cringe, I prepared the dough last night.

The dough isn't as... "soft" as dough made with instant yeast but that's to be expected with sourdough tbh.

Hey, while I wait for the dough to rest I made the filling. That's what I call asynchronous cooking.

Are you ready to witness the most horrifyingly assembled baozi in your life?

Eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsey. But not yet. I gotta steam these fellas first.

My steamer is a mesh strainer over a pot of hot water. Dun dun duuuuuuun..... Let's get a clearer pic of the baozi.

What the fuck?

And there you have it folks, vegan sourdough baozi. I don't recommend trying this at home. The dough tastes sour and gross and overpowers the mapo tofu filling. And it's incredibly chewy and is just unappetizing in general.

I still tried to make a nice picture of it because the light was filtered beautifully this morning.

I'll be taking these to go. And don't worry, I ate all of them, even though it was disgusting.