Internet hoarding

Im a total internet hoarder.

Whenever i go surfing usually i end up with a browser full of links and a clock screaming bedtime. My routine is to just save the links on a file on my desktop, but it really gets out of hand.

I have so many .txt files floating around in virtual space with just links and random snippets of things i want to look into (books, movies, skills....). Now that my life has gotten so full I no longer have the will to sift through and look into these topics anymore :(. It makes me sad...

So sad....

I wish there was a way to make me less sad...

could it be...?


Ok. I wrote a python script to randomly pick a line from a file. I will spend 20 min digging into it, and if i think it's worth keeping around, i will.... put it into a new file and let it rest once again lol.

Let's start!

Ok, line 136. Parmenides.

One thing I really wonder about is how much comes from us originally, and how much is from inspiration. For example, many of my thoughts are building from experiences I have had in the past. I do not think that many of my thoughts are completely original and free from any association. Scientific exploration is also this way. Many things come from finding small, novel things about a topic that has a bedrock of knowledge already.

This leads to my point about ancient greeks: how did they come up with all of this stuff originally? Of course, many of us are aware that our senses limits our understanding about what reality truly is, but did we read about it or somehow come to the conclusion by ourself?

Anyways im bored of reading about this and philosophy is wack. Sorry parmenides, your poem seems interesting but im gonna let it slide for the sake of my sanity, this time.


Good episode.

This art is nice. I think i saved it for watercolor inspiration.

I'm done for now. This was a nice quick way to go thru some stuff.